Miscellaneous Accessories

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Other Available Accessories:

8GB Memory Card

8GB Formatted SDHC Multimedia Card
16GB Memory Card 16 GB Formatted SDHC Multimedia Card
AC Power Cable (EU Connector) EU Cord set w/ IEC 60320-C5 Conn, 2.5A, 250V, Black, 2.0M long
Battery Kit, Black

3-piece Battery Kit includes:

  • (1) DRT 4311B Battery Pack
  • (1) DRT 4000 Series AC/DC Powered Battery Charger
  • (1) AC Power Cable, 10 Amp @ 125 Volts, Shielded, 6'7"
Cable, USB-B Mini Male to USB-B Micro Male USB-B Mini (to 4311B) to USB-B Micro (to Android), Black, 2.0M long