Ultra Wideband Digital Recorder.

DRSEagleXpress0909_DRT5250B Enlarge View

Ultra Wideband Digital Recorder

The DRT5250B Ultra Wideband Digital Recorder is a portable data recording system designed to meet a wide range of applications. Both rotating disk and solid state storage are available and the unit supports several modular input / output options.

  • Record / Playback Bandwidths up to 500 MHz
  • Two Front Panel Removable Storage Packs
    • Rotating Disk Storage:  2.4 TB or 8 TB per pack
    • Solid State Storage:  2.0 TB per pack
  • 1600 MB/sec maximum system throughput
  • Modular Input / Output Modules
    • 1 - Ultra Wideband Analog 500-MHz Bandwidth @ 1 GHz I/O Module, or
    • 1 or 2 – Universal IF Analog I/O Module, or
    • 1 or 2 – Dual Channel DECL I/O Module
  • Eagle Recorder Remote GUI Control via Ethernet
  • Front Panel Display and Control
  • Built-in GPS Receiver with Antenna Input