Ruggedized Small / Low Power Multi-Channel VHF/UHF SDR Receiver.

DRT4411BR-face-Left Enlarge View

The DRT4411B-R unit is a ruggedized, miniature Software Defined Radio system (SDR) with a powerful digital signal processing engine to support electronic surveillance of conventional Push-to-Talk (PTT) signals.  The system is available in configurations that support two (-V2) or three (-V3) RF receiving channels. The flexible internal tuner stacking enables the software configuration of tuners for independent or coherent operation. Multiple tuners allow simultaneous scan and drop channels, or direction finding. The small size and low-power operation is ideal for small air and ground vehicle applications, portable systems, as well as low-power multi-unit systems. Key features include:

  • Up to three independent or coherent wideband RF Tuners each providing frequency coverage from 2 MHz to 3000 MHz.
  • High-performance low-power FPGA and DSP processing engines.
  • Capable of processing a variety of wireless signal standards.
  • Auto-configuration mode facilitates unit setup.
  • Controllable via DRT Android GUI or Windows PC running Kodiak GUI.
  • Removable SD storage media.
  • Collected signals information can be logged or streamed to other networked devices.


  • Integrated 50-channel parallel tracking GPS receiver provides position information.
  • 10 MHz/1PPS synchronization to external sources
  • Supports time and frequency disciplining and timestamping of collected raw and demodulated data using internal GPS or externally supplied reference.
  • 40 MHz instantaneous bandwidth supports wideband multicarrier operation
  • DSP demodulation, application specific. AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB for SGPR application.
  • Small size. Low weight. Quiet (no fans).