How We're Different

Customer Commitment

DRT is committed to enhancing our performance value and service to provide you improved time and profitability to market.
Our Commitment:
  • We identify and understand the needs of our customers
  • We are reliable
  • We provide the best price-performance value
  • We provide unmatched service excellence
  • We provide quality solutions

Future Proof Investment

The DRT4311B is a Software-Defined Radio (SDR) which allows new waveform protocols and features to be deployed through a software upgrade in the field. With up to 120 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth per unit and the ability to synchronize multiple units together, this receiver allows the test system to scale with the network.
  • Best in industry cost of ownership
    • No maintenance fees
    • 24/7 help with engineering expertise
  • Reduced capital expenditures
    • Single hardware platform
    • Software defined bands and field upgradeable technologies
  • Upgrade your current unit to protect previous investment.


With on-site manufacturing and engineering excellence, DRT is poised to develop and realign business and operational processes to take advantage of new generation offerings and market shifts.

Frequency Extension

Wideband tuners allow coverage of all bands within the system's frequency range. Two frequency range versions are available: 2 MHz to 3 GHz, or 2 MHz to 6 GHz.
Deploy globally with confidence.   Don't get caught without the right frequency support in your scanner.
The DRT4311B is the cellular network scanner of choice.  It has been approved for use by many network operators and integrated with industry survey specialists.
  • Ascom
  • Anite Nemo
  • Viavi Solutions Inc.
  • ZKCelltest
  • Solutelia
  • MobileCEM
  • Accuver
  • Transcom
  • Enhancell

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