In-Building Test

To deliver fast and reliable cellular networks to consumers, network operators need reliable signal measurements to optimize their In-Building deployments. The network may be functioning, but is it performing to meet customer demand? Simplify your and your customers' experiences with the DRT4311B.

DRT provides multiple measurement solutions within one hardware platform. Data is collected by physically walking a building, stadium, mall, etc. to evaluate signals. The unit is hand carried by operator. Through data pinpoints the operator will see weak, misdirected or non-existent signals so adjustments can be made. Optimal functioning network = happy customer.

GPS Holdover Feature

The DRT system has a GPS “holdover” feature to support indoor network testing.  For indoor testing where GPS satellites cannot be accessed, this can be challenging.  The DRT GPS holdover feature is handled in the background and does not require additional setup or configuration.  Once the system decodes one cell, GPS access is no longer needed.  In a typical case where there are only a small number of RF channels; the scanner can stay in sync for many hours or even days.

PST™ Power Spectrum Tool

Continuous Wave (CW) Testing

The Power Spectrum Tool’s (PST) RSSI feature supports CW testing.  CW data collection is used for model tuning predictive coverage. DRT’s PST currently supports RSSI bandwidths of 20 kHz and 100 kHz and meets the Lee Criteria for walk test speeds. Another release is coming soon which will increase the scan rates even more.

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