Digital Receiver Technology, Inc.

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New DRT Multi-Channel Software-Defined Radio (SDR) solutions for collection and direction finding (DF) of
Push-to-Talk (PTT) radio transmissions.
Man-portable, tactical, and rack mount configurations available.

DRT4311B SW Version 01.10.00 Released

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About Us

Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. (DRT) designs, manufactures, and markets communications test and measurement equipment.  Areas of expertise include DSP-based and high performance RF design.

DRT's products are ideal for inclusion in test and measurement, and synthetic instrumentation solutions. DRT offers:

  • Modular transmitters, tuners and processors
  • Low power, small size, lightweight
  • Layer 2 and 3 Decoding for GSM, UMTS, cdma / EV-DO, FDD / TDD LTE, WiMAX, LTE-Advanced
  • Wideband architecture, software-defined bands
  • Reconfigurable and upgradeable, true Software-Defined Radios
  • 3-year warranties

DRT4311B Application Notes:

  • 4311B Bluetooth Compatibility